Slice your way through countless enemies!

Slice them all in the dark! Join our Ninja heroes on this amazing quest to free the Light-kingdom from the evil forces of Monster temple.
The Ninja in The Dark is a unique action game testing your reflexes and visual memory. Cut your enemies in the dark when they cannot see you and become the master Ninja!
Complete 50+ levels and 200+ stages across 4 different worlds and unlock all 5 characters, each with different skills: Purple Cat, Pink Bunny, Green Gorilla, Dark Bat, and Little Bear are ready to join the adventure… and don´t forget to get them some of the 16 amazing Ninja costumes.

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Key Features

• Cut fast in the dark and complete 50+ Levels and 200+ stages to become a master Ninja

• Collect 5 different characters with 16 different costumes and skills

• Fight 5 different kinds of monsters with different abilities 

• Enjoy incredible graphics among 4 various worlds: Snow, Desert, Forest or Mountain

• Access 3 different Power-Ups: Extra-Time, Night-Vision, Deactivate Bombs

• Master all the legendary achievements and become a world’s top 10 Ninja


Slice your way through countless enemies!

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